Our team has been involved in several projects on a national level. We believe in learning from people and that’s the spirit of Manthan as well. We constantly involve with young people and enthusiastic people who wish to contribute. We try to infuse innovative and progressive ideologies all across the globe in our museums to make them unique and engrossing. A great philosopher and fieldworker Shri Ramesh Thanvi Ji is one of our such mentors who aligned with our beliefs. He is one of the pioneers in initiating the concept of adult education in Rajasthan.

He was a highly experienced person who had his own set of thoughts and vision. He condemned the current school education system. He believed in the non-conventional idea of every child studying in a home environment for complete growth in all aspects. Every child should have the access to good and playful environment and learn from their environment itself. This would help them to inhive knowledge in a stress-free manner and encourage them to learn concepts instead of mugging them up for exams. KHOJ got the opportunity to have several interactions with him in these past few years.

Once we visited his campus in Jaipur and spent a delightful evening there. During this wonderful time, he shared the concept of Anandshala with us: On hearing the word Anandshala, the first thought that comes in our mind is happiness among all children which is exceptionally required in all schools today. Anandshala is a space for learning, a space for exploring environment, a space to be happy, a space to express thoughts freely, a space for providing access to good and experiential education to all.

We truly believe that such concepts are essentially required for all the educational systems to shape our young minds and bring out the best in them. Keeping this in mind, we try to involve activities related to environment. However, we still have not reached anywhere prominent in this area . We are certain that now is the right time to really start thinking in this direction and establish a KHOJ Anandshala of our own.

Ramesh Thanvi Ji will always be an inspiration for all of us. We strongly promote his ideas on experiential education and try to make learning fun with our various interactive exhibits in different museums. We wish that his marvellous ideas can reach to more and more people and one day he can see each state, each city, each locality having its own Anandshala where students can freely and happily learn from their environment