Colours of KHOJ

KHOJ is an organisation which aims to create an educational wonderland for children where they can learn concepts of daily phenomenon in an interactive and fun way. It envisions a world where children can have experiential education irrespective of their social and economic backgrounds. When we talk about children, colour is the first thing that comes in our mind.  

In preschools, all the classrooms are filled with colourful charts and drawings. According to research studies, “color carries critical importance in the development of the cognitive and motor skills of the children.” Thus, we give great significance to colours in KHOJ museum. All the exhibits have themed colours like Orange for our Interacting with Soil exhibit of KHOJ Naranpura and Blue for our Water exhibit in KHOJ Riverfront. We try to infuse as much colours as possible to provide a happy and pleasing experience to our young visitors.   

KHOJ – Science + Art + Innovation Museums stands on its artistic approach by involving people of different backgrounds in the process of making KHOJ. We have an army of maverick architects, designers, artists, and builders who set out to create a space that speaks to every individual. We include design students which brings energy to the space and to explore new ideas. 

We wish KHOJ to be called an Indian dynamic museum. Thus, we try to stay embedded to our original roots and induce local Indian artistic touches in our museums. This helps us to create our own brand identity and bring something unique to the world. We have joined with folk artists at multiple levels to make our space more aesthetic and visually appealing. We collaborated with folk artists like matani pachedi artists in specific events and also while creating our spaces to bring out the true Indian colours of KHOJ Museum. We hope that through our various colours and local arts, children can feel more connected to the museum and have a true interactive fun experience while visiting KHOJ.