KHOJ organises various kinds of events and activities which include Museum visits, Virtual khoj, Workshops, Awareness programmes, Khoj Festivals, Khoj Exchange Programmes, Challenges, and events like birthday parties. 

1. Summer Programme 2022-min

1. Summer Programme 2022

This year KHOJ introduced its experimental Summer Programme – 2022. It included various specifically designed courses and workshops related to the mainstream topics of Science like Astronomy, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and General Sciences. Other creative workshops included Arts, Crafts as well as Handcrafts like Kalamkari, Block Printing, Button Masala and many more were conducted by the experts in the relative field across Gujarat.

2. Workshops

KHOJ conducts various workshops on themes like “For the love of Physics” where optics, electronics, Newton’s theory, magnetism, sound, astronomical tools and make your own astronomical laboratory are demonstrated with lots of fun-based experiments as well as activities; quilling art; photography; make your own short film; create hand printing story; playing with colours; make your own animation toys and pottery

Other themes include “fascinations of chemistry”, “MathoMania”, “Make furniture from waste”, “Fun with fabrics and plastics”and many more.

Many workshops are conducted by professionals who have expertise in their respective fields which enhances the quality of our workshops.

2. workshops-min
3. KHOJ Juniors-min

3. KHOJ Juniors

For the age group of 3-7 years, KHOJ has introduced an innovative programme “KHOJ Juniors” where kids can come with their mothers and learn with fun various things like making different puppets, doing paintings and drawings in variety of forms, observe  magical science experiments, play mathematical games and create beautiful craft pieces. 

4. Public Outreach Programmes

KHOJ strongly believes in making experiential science education accessible for all the community members. Thus, the museum has carried out several outreach programmes in the area of learning science while playing astronomy, curriculum based education and sustainable development goals.  

4. Public Outreach Programmes-min


1. civic kids-min

1. Civic kids

Under the celebration of 30 years of Children Museum of Arts, CME initiated a global programme named as “Civic Kids” involving different organisations to work on theme based ideas to be communicated to the society. Under this association, KHOJ was involved in conducting activities related to the theme of History and Heritage.

2. Global Science opera

GSO exists at the meeting point of science and art, of pupils and scientists, of all human cultures. It is a global creative education initiative made possible through digital interactions and live streaming.

Khoj museum is happy to be a part of Global Science Opera Network and we proudly share our performances evolved by teachers and students across Gujrat across the globe. We have worked with them on various thematic areas like One Ocean and Thrive.

2. Global Science opera-min
3. G-HOU-min

3. G-HOU

G-HOU works on the ideas about how to make astronomy education better, the idea of making real telescopes and telescope images available to teachers and students took root. Along with that, image processing software tools became necessary to provide, as well as cooperation among astronomers and observatories to make telescope instruments available for use by schools. 

G-HOU organised the GHOU Conference 2020 and 2021. KHOJ was a part of the organising committee and as well as participated in several activities of the conference, The conference included presenting paper presentations and conducting workshops. 

4. Asteroid Search Campaign

The International Astronomical Search Collaboration (IASC) is a citizen science program that provides high-quality astronomical data to citizen scientists around the world. You will find actual asteroids through the image data provided by IASC using Astrometric software. 

KHOJ Museum in association with IHOU and IASC announces a Virtual Campaign on Asteroid Search. KHOJ museum is mainly involved in coordinating the student and participant groups from Gujarat. We are proud to share that the students trained by KHOJ have made several Preliminary Asteroid Discoveries and have been credited by NASA and IASC. 

4. Asteroid Search Campaign-min
5. Ahmedabad University-min

5. Ahmedabad University

Ahmedabad University’s Student Volunteering Programme in collaboration with the Khoj Museum started in August 2020. In this collaboration, 350+ students at the University have volunteered with the NGO till July 2022


Khoj museum has always focused on the concept and promotion of art. This project merges art and science to work together in different ways such as moving images, photographs, children making their own films, and artworks on different art-based themes. Khoj has now introduced a formal program known as KHOJ Art Exchange Program in which khoj is trying to work with different students across the world on evolving different illustrations and artworks which can be displayed in the museum. The purpose behind this is to give students a chance to think out of the box and display their work in a museum.

6. Student Art Program
7. Living water museum_-min


Living water museum is a virtual museum which engages youth in visualising water heritage and re-imagining sustainable, inclusive and equitable water futures. Through the power of storytelling and technology we seek to celebrate our water wisdom, inspire youth to look at water from an interdisciplinary perspective and co-build a digital repository as a source of learning for the future.  

In association with Living Water Museum, KHOJ shared stories on the theme of water in Ahmedabad which involves the Water Varta (a story of water utensils of Veechar Museum, Steps of Hope (display of visual stories of the step wells of Ahmedabad as) as well as conducting several activities and workshops on the theme of water in Ahmedabad.