Bulbule (bubbles in English) are humble everyday globes of wonder. But the science behind bubbles is fascinating. They can be frozen, they can be given shapes and they can be used to learn mathematics. At the Soap bubbles exhibit, we answer all your questions regarding bubbles through a series of experiments. Blowing bubbles has never been so much fun!


Today we are surrounded by moving images – from the images on our smartphones to films streaming online. But getting here hasn’t been easy as we graduated from cave paintings to cameras the size of a room to silent films and technicolor. Join us on our journey through the history of moving images as you create your own cameras and make films!


ImaHave you seen the many moons of Jupiter? The storms on Mars? A supernova explosion? When we have a full moon, is it also full moon in other parts of the world? Why does one need to go to Antarctica to study a solar eclipse? Find answers to these questions and experience astronomy through the various displays at the Khagol exhibit.

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