Khoj Naranpura

Museum Overview

We believe science is combined with art, craft and culture, and thus a child would be able to link it with their surroundings. The world is in an environmental crisis and our government is rigorously pushing the cause to save the planet. So, at the junction, we thought of doing our bit by spreading knowledge amongst visitors on several themes related to the environment. Come to Khoj Naranpura to know more about our environment and sustainability.


reconnecting with soil-min
Reconnecting with Soil

Soil is one of the very important natural systems on which we all sustain. We would like visitors to get their hands dirty to learn various layers of soil, the process of formation of soil, presence of microorganisms and organisms inside and the types of soils. India being an agriculture focussed country, the museum has also tried to share basic knowledge related to farming. A special soil lab has been set up for young people to gain in-depth knowledge, experiment, observe and understand soil.

plastic play-min
Plastic Play

The exhibit aims to educate and understand the man made material plastic. We have showcased various processes and provided information on plastic as a material, its chemical properties, process of making plastic products, types of plastics, waste generation and segregation through hands-on activities, interactive displays and experiments. Our dependency on plastic needs to be redefined and hence, our exhibits further display waste recycling and its sustainability factors. 

coping with climate change-min
Coping with Climate Change

The world is equally facing the brunt of climate change; from increasing temperatures, to rising sea levels, melting of ice, draughts to extreme rains. The exhibit will take the visitors on a journey to understand climate change in a scientific methods of climate change by performing various experiments and imparting more knowledge in a hands-on manner. Our actions have caused irreversible damage to the climate and Earth. Hence, a small display has been developed to share local initiatives taken by people around the world to mitigate climate change. 

Visitors Information 

Khoj Museum Naranpura, 
Near Naranpura Railway Crossing Rd, Ruby Colony, 
Naranpura, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380013 
Phone: 06352998992 

Opening Hours: 

Every Tuesday – Sunday 
10:30AM – 5:30PM 


The museum operates as a non-profit organisation, even though it requires funds for running and maintaining the museum. The entry fees for visiting the museum are as follows: 

Individual visitors: Rs 50 

School Visits: Rs 30/ student (minimum 50 students) 

NGO Visits: Rs 20/ visitor 

Supporters and Promoters 

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