Khoj Riverfront

Museum Overview

Khoj Museum Riverfront currently displays experiments and activities based on three scientific concepts: water, bubbles, and animation. Students as well as adults can explore and enjoy these wonderful activities. Here at Khoj, fun and science are inseparable. We insist our visitors to perform every activity on their own for an actual taste of science. 


Water play 

Water water everywhere. Most vital honeydew present on the planet earth. It is the bond which maintains our entire ecosystem. So, come and join the journey of water from oceans to clouds and the science of rain. Do you know 65% of our body is only water? Come at khoj and surprise yourself with myriads of water facts and the science of water.  

moving images-min

Cameras have always been fascinating gadgets since evolution in technology. It has a wide span of history from painting to developing images to moving images and what not. Let us dive deep into the history of animation and find out how it evolved through time. 


Bulbule, or bubbles in English, are humble everyday globes of wonder. But the science behind bubbles is fascinating. They can be frozen; they can be given shapes and even be used to learn mathematics. It is also a common toy for kids but, how bubbles formed, why they are circular and what is required to make it. If you really want to know it then be our guest. 

ideas lab-min
Ideas lab

Idea lab is the place where ideas and expertise changes into its final form with the help of tools and equipment. It is a place where ideas are born, innovation happens and things curve into their shapes. 

shadow play-min
Shadow Play

It is a section for storytelling with the help of shapes and light. You can use various shapes in order to create your own story on our shadow wall.  

Visitors Information 

KHOJ Museum Riverfront,  
Under Nehru Bridge, Riverfront Rd, 
opposite Riverfront House,  
Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380009 
Phone: 09328434560 

Opening Hours: 

Every Tuesday – Sunday 
10:30AM – 5:30PM 


The museum operates as a non-profit organization, even though it requires funds for running and maintaining the museum. The entry fees for visiting the museum are as follows: 

Individual visitors: Rs 50 

School Visits: Rs 30/ student (minimum 50 students) 

NGO Visits: Rs 20/ visitor 

Supporters and Promoters 

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Astral Foundation
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