Khoj Surat

Museum Overview

KHOJ Surat is a museum based on the theme of virus and sustainability. The museum allows you to explore the hidden world of viruses with your naked eyes and take a peak on the worldwide discussed topic: sustainability. It covers all the topics that have made you curious in these past few years while watching news and reading newspapers. 



You will get to know everything about viruses by interesting exhibits along with hands-on activities. The idea behind the establishment is very lucid as we all passed through a tough time of pandemics, which indeed created a lot of questions in our minds. Virus was the most discussed topic in the past few years. So, come and explore the vast world of viruses.

Sustainable Living for Sustainable Development

The entire world on a global scale is talking about sustainable development goals. Thus, it becomes very important to communicate the same goals and ideas related to it to the children. Khoj Museum has initiated the exhibition Sustainable Living for Sustainable Development focusing on three main concepts: sustainability in soil and agriculture, health and nutrition and sustainable energy and smart city 

Activity Area

It is the section of the museum where you can let your creativity flow. It consists of various activities like drawing and painting, sculpting, science exploration, Science lab, innovation and Mini DIY stations 

Visitors Information 

KHOJ – Science + Arts + Innovation Museum, Surat
On Campus of Science Centre Surat,
Citylight Road, Maheshwari Cir.

Opening Hours: 

Every Tuesday – Sunday 
10:30AM – 5:30PM 


The museum operates as a non-profit organisation, even though it requires funds for running and maintaining the museum. The entry fees for visiting the museum are as follows: 

Individual visitors: Rs 50 

School Visits: Rs 30/ student (minimum 50 students) 

NGO Visits: Rs 20/ visitor 

Supporters and Promoters 

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