Abhay Kothari, Founder 

Abhay Kothari the Director of Manthan Educational Programme Society, India, has been bringing new dimensions in Science communication in India for the last three decades. An Expert in conceptualising, developing and designing low cost science activities for the masses. Instrumental in enriching the lives of several thousands of rural and tribal level community members by bringing Science, Technology and Entrepreneurship at the heart of their lives for bringing sustainability. He has conducted workshops and presented papers at several professional science and technology organisations globally. Kothari believes, “We at Manthan strive to make science education accessible to all the strata of society in India. We want to arouse the curiosity of children through hands-on science education. I strongly believe in the concept of freedom of thought and openness of education adopting creative methods of science communication for igniting the sparks in the mind of the people. The next generation should be solution seekers and problem solvers, bringing innovation at the core of all the thought, making the world a better place to live, enjoy and flourish.”  

Kathan Kothari, Founder 

Kathan Kothari a professionally trained Communication Designer from the National Institute of Design. He has been actively involved in scaling the thought of making science accessible, interesting, innovative, experimental, exploratory and mainly fun by exploring different communication media. His expertise in design has brought life to the projects he is involved in. He has been involved in conceptualising designing hands on kits, communication material. According to Kothari, “Through Khoj we promote a Hands-on, Brains on approach towards innovative learning. The Khoj museum concept has been encapsulated with the concept of joy of learning and bringing curiosity amongst children” 

Gopi Premesh, Co-ordinator

Gopi Premesh has been an integral part of Khoj Museum since its initial years. She has done dual masters in economics and NGO development from St. Xavier College and Behavioural Science Centre respectively. She has been actively involved in the development and growth of the foundation and supported the various initiatives taken by it. She has been continuously using her knowledge and experience for the betterment of Khoj and society in general. According to Gopi Premesh, “Through Khoj, we want to provide high quality creative education to all sections of the society  and envision a sustainable Khoj in the coming decade.” 

KHOJ Team 

We at Khoj, involve young enthusiastic people having interest in diverse fields like research, art, communication, science and innovation. They are the pillars of Khoj and bring life to the museum. Their determination and diligence has been the driving force to Khoj reaching marvellous heights and will continue to help us reach great milestones. 

KHOJ Interns and Volunteers 

Khoj always believes in encouraging the coming youth to work on field and provide them real time experiences before they enter the society. We help them explore the world of science, art and innovation through various volunteership and internships.