KHOJ Timeline

KHOJ Timeline


Apr 13

KHOJ Social

KHOJ Social was started on 13 April 2022. It is an initiative taken by KHOJ to contribute to the society and community. It aims at encouraging the curiosity of people belonging to all stratas of society in science, art and innovation by conducting various workshops.

Apr 11

KHOJ Surat

KHOJ Surat

KHOJ Surat is in its developing stage. It covers the hot topics: viruses and sustainability. The museum allows you to explore the entire existence of viruses and lets you have a better understanding of what sustainability is. 

  1. Virosphere: 

In these past few years, everyone has come to know about viruses. Even though some viruses are good for us, many people think that viruses mean a bad thing. Get all your misconceptions cleared with us about viruses 

  1. Sustainable Living for Sustainable Development  

The entire world is talking about sustainable development goals. Thus, KHOJ Museum Surat believes that it is very important to communicate the same goals and ideas related to it to the children. Explore the different aspects of sustainability with us.  

  1. Activity Area 

Get involved in various fun activities in this section like drawing and painting, sculpting and mini DIY stations. 

Jan 21

KHOJ Riverfront

Khoj Riverfront was inaugurated on 21 Jan 2022. This exhibition is filled with a magical world of water, moving images and bubbles. It is a place where you can have fun with science and learn the social impacts of water in our daily lives at the same time 

  1. Bulbule (Bubbles)

What is surface tension? How does it help in bubble formation? Explore how bubbles are formed and shapes of bubbles in this exhibit in this magical world of bubbles. 

  1. Water

Did you know that 70% of your body is made up of water. Get to know your water weight and other amazing facts of water in this section 

  1. Moving Images

Moving Images and animation has been around the globe for a while. Come and learn the history and journey of the evolution of animation and moving images with us. 

Nov 12

KHOJ Naranpura, Exhibition Cycle 2

It is also known as the environmental cycle which stresses on sustainability and environmental prosperity of the earth. It focuses on the three important aspects of environment: climate, soil and plastic (waste) 

  1. Reconnecting with Soil

Leonardo Da Vinci once said, “We know more about the movement of celestial bodies than about the soil underfoot.” Come get your hands dirty in our soil lab, understand the complexities of soil and our relationship with it 

  1. Plastic Play

Plastic has choked up every aspect of our lives, but we can take steps towards unclogging it. How do we reduce our dependence on plastic? How do we cut out as much plastic as we can from our routines? Come understand waste management and sustainable living with us! 

  1. Coping with Climate Change

What are the local initiatives taken around the world to mitigate climate change? We compiled a display for young minds to understand how they can incorporate sustainability into their lives. 

Feb 04

Establishment Of Garden

Establishment Of Garden

The Biodiversity Park was transformed from a completely unutilised and damaged land to a learning space for children.  We designed a nature trail with over 2500 different plants including 70 to 80 species, all serving various purposes like medicine, as vegetables and even butterfly host plants 

Mar 02

KHOJ Naranpura, Exhibition Cycle 1

What sets KHOJ apart is its dynamic nature since the very beginning. For phase 1, the four exhibits included Bulbule, Khagol and Moving Images 


Bulbule (bubbles) we all have seen and played with. At this exhibit, we answer all your questions regarding bubbles through a series of experiments. Blowing bubbles has never been so much fun. Explore more with us. 

2.Moving images 

Moving images are present everywhere in our surroundings – from the mobile phone that streams videos and helps us click photos to the entire film industry churning out hundreds of movies around the world. Let us walk through the history of moving images from the humble flipbook to virtual reality and smartphones. Explore more with us. 

  1. Khagol

Khagol (Astronomy) a look into deep space. Have you seen the many moons of Jupiter? The storms on Mars? A supernova explosion? Can you name all the constellations in the sky? When we have a full moon, is it also a full moon in other parts of the world? Explore more with us. 

Feb 02

The Opening

The Opening

KHOJ Museum was initiated by MEPS in association with ZOOM Kinder Museum. The Museum was inaugurated in February 2018, adopting the STEAM education system to engage young minds and encourage innovation.  

Jan 03

Birth of the Concept

Birth of the Concept

As part of the European Union Project, In 2016, KHOJ Manthan Education Programme Society (MEPS) met up with multiple museums from around the world, one of which was the ZOOM Kinder Museum in Vienna, Austria. Manthan Educational Programme Society was inspired by the dynamic, ever evolving nature of the Austrian Museum, and believed that Gujarat would benefit from such a museum.