Sukhdev Dada and his stories

An army of people’s support, guidance, help and efforts are required to achieve any dream project. Today we want to talk about our foremost supporter and promoter Mr Sukhdev Prasad Dada. He provided us his help in our most early days. Our meeting with Sukhdev Dada was written in the stars. 

It was about the time when our team was working on evolving the concept of KHOJ Museum. We were continuously brainstorming with Zoom Kinder Museum on how the museum can be made dynamic. When it comes to museums, right location is the most important factor for its success. At that time, we were planning to open the museum in Baroda. We tried several ideas, spaces and locations but nothing worked out. In this hustle, we came in connect with Mr. Rajabhai Pathak who guided us to link with Vedshala, an organisation which was in function several years ago in the area of science communication and astronomy.  

This organisation was headed by our very wise man named Sukhdev Prasad Dada. In our first encounter, we were enamoured by his vision. He wanted to do something which was different. He wanted to involve young people in developmental activities and was convinced to establish KHOJ in Vedshala Campus. He believed in us when we were in our lowest low. We, as a team, feel a sense of great respect and admiration for Sukhdev Dada 

Every Thursday our team used to wait for him. His bright thoughts, always smiling face and his guidance provided immense support and motivation for the betterment of our work. He was passionately eager to listen to our new ideas and willing to do a “khoj” (exploration) himself. Even though, KHOJ Museum was not his own project, he always treated it as his own and unceasingly took it ahead. Unfortunately, he left us few years ago. Till date, our team misses his Thursdays. We believe that he is somewhere in the starry night sky watching us as a bright star as we take our museum forward to achieve more successes. We can never be more thankful to this angel that has been and will always be an integral part of KHOJ Museum.