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Science – Art – Innovation KHOJ Foundation is a not for profit organisation, which is trying to spread the concept of experiential learning for multiple audiences through different approaches. The organisation is currently operated by CSR support, but the organisation constantly tries to expand its activities through the support of donation. Following are few of the core activities which you can support: 

  • Support KHOJ Social in Government Schools and Urban Slums 
  • Support establishment of KHOJ Innovation Clubs in Government Schools 
  • Support Manpower for KHOJ Museum  
  • Support Creation of New Exhibition  
  • Support Outreach Programmes of KHOJ  
  • Support Sustainability based Programmes of KHOJ  

Each year, KHOJ Benefits almost 1,00,000 students and community members in multiple manners.  

Every contribution, makes a big different. 

For supporting the activities of KHOJ, write to us: