What sets KHOJ apart is its dynamic nature since the very beginning. For phase 1, the four exhibits included Bulbule, Khagol and Moving Images 


Bulbule (bubbles) we all have seen and played with. At this exhibit, we answer all your questions regarding bubbles through a series of experiments. Blowing bubbles has never been so much fun. Explore more with us. 

2.Moving images 

Moving images are present everywhere in our surroundings – from the mobile phone that streams videos and helps us click photos to the entire film industry churning out hundreds of movies around the world. Let us walk through the history of moving images from the humble flipbook to virtual reality and smartphones. Explore more with us. 

  1. Khagol

Khagol (Astronomy) a look into deep space. Have you seen the many moons of Jupiter? The storms on Mars? A supernova explosion? Can you name all the constellations in the sky? When we have a full moon, is it also a full moon in other parts of the world? Explore more with us.