It is also known as the environmental cycle which stresses on sustainability and environmental prosperity of the earth. It focuses on the three important aspects of environment: climate, soil and plastic (waste) 

  1. Reconnecting with Soil

Leonardo Da Vinci once said, “We know more about the movement of celestial bodies than about the soil underfoot.” Come get your hands dirty in our soil lab, understand the complexities of soil and our relationship with it 

  1. Plastic Play

Plastic has choked up every aspect of our lives, but we can take steps towards unclogging it. How do we reduce our dependence on plastic? How do we cut out as much plastic as we can from our routines? Come understand waste management and sustainable living with us! 

  1. Coping with Climate Change

What are the local initiatives taken around the world to mitigate climate change? We compiled a display for young minds to understand how they can incorporate sustainability into their lives.