Youth of KHOJ

India is a youth centric country with 356 million young people (10 -24 years old) residing in the country. They are the future of the nation which will upscale the legacies of the current generation and enhance the glory of the country on the world map in the coming years. KHOJ believes in this power of youth. We wish them to be groomed into all-round people with both technical skills and empathetic nature so that they can bring the significant change in this world towards the betterment.  

India is known for its high skilled labour that has great technical skills. However, while running in the rat race of the world many people drift apart from their actual goals of working towards rectification. Thus, KHOJ is a space that promotes the youth to be involved in social development right from a young age. It encourages them to have a volunteering nature and zeal to contribute back to the society.   

KHOJ is an organisation which is evolved and managed by young people. It is powered by the energy and enthusiasm of young people. Our team consists of youth having interest in diverse fields like research, art, communication, science and innovation. They are the pillars of KHOJ. Their determination and diligence have been the driving force to us for reaching marvellous heights and will continue to help us reach great milestones. 

Every year, many students volunteer or intern in the NGO. Volunteers and interns are our friends who bring life to the museum. Through volunteering and internship, we encourage the coming youth to work on field and provide them the real time experiences before they enter the society.  

In collaboration with Ahmedabad University’s Student Volunteering Programme, 350+ students at the University have volunteered with the NGO till July 2022. We hope that more and more young people join with us to explore the world of science, art and innovation and have a better connection with society to lead an empathetic and socially responsible life.